ERO Report

Some excerpts from the most recent ERO report for the school:

"Parent involvement in school life is valued. Groups of parents and whānau assist teachers and students in a range of ways. Te Runanga Matua meets regularly to support the learning and progress of Māori students in Te Pouahi and across the school. There is close liaison with early childhood education services in the area."

"Curriculum design and implementation promotes and supports student engagement. Senior leaders and teachers are responsive to students’ prior knowledge and interests when selecting units of study. Overarching themes integrate learning across curriculum areas. These incorporate use of community facilities and the local environment to make programmes more relevant and meaningful for students. The school is participating in an Human Rights in Education initiative which is evident throughout the curriculum and supports the focus on the 'welfare, respect, education and growth of each child'."

"Teachers and students of Te Pouahi provide leadership in the school and community. Teachers work together collaboratively. They are supported by whānau through regular meetings of Runanga Matua. Whanaungatanga and tikanga Māori are highly evident in syndicate practices. Students in Te Pouahi have a strong sense of belonging and identity."

"Records indicate that international students and their families are supported well to settle into the school and the wider community. Planned processes assist students to feel included and secure. Transition is supported by fluent speakers of the students’ first languages. Information gathered prior to enrolment is used to determine students' needs. When appropriate, international students are given additional support to learn English. Parents receive regular reports about their children's progress."

A full copy of the report is available on the ERO website.