International Study at Nelson Central School

Why choose Nelson Central School?

Students are welcomed at Nelson Central School from countries throughout the world. The school which supports around 400 students is located in the heart of Nelson city. It is an attractive school, including both old and new buildings, and is framed by a stand of mature lime trees. Our spacious school grounds feature two large playing fields, two adventure playgrounds, a separate swimming pool area and an enclosed junior sandplay area.

The school also has a well equipped library and separate computer suite.

The friendly staff at Nelson Central School have extensive experience in catering for the learning and support of needs of International Students.

As part of your stay at Nelson Central School we will:

  • Provide a comprehensive orientation programme for you.
  • Provide a full assessment of your language skills after your arrival in New Zealand.
  • Provide a report in March, August and December each year for you and your parents on your progress at school.
  • Provide on going counselling and pastoral care, and refer you to other people and agencies who can assist you as needed, (eg) the ESOL coordinator and the Advisory Group on Special Needs.
  • Facilitate an introduction to the Nelson International Students Association (NISA), which includes international students from other Nelson Schools. NISA offers a variety of cultural, social and sporting events during the year, and gives you the opportunity to meet with other international students.

Is my child eligible to study at Nelson Central School?

We welcome applications to study for children aged from 5 – 11 years for periods from three weeks to six years.

How do I apply?

The process for enrolment involves completing the 5 steps below:

  1. Send us completed application forms for tuition and homestay together with the application fee and a passport photo
  2. We review your application and if it's successful we'll send back an acceptance letter as well as an invoice for tuition and accommodation fees and living expenses.
  3. You write or email back your acceptance of the place offered, pay the fees and expenses to our bank and send us the signed Student Contract Form
  4. We send back a letter (or email) confirming your place, your accommodation and a receipt for fees paid.
  5. You apply for a student visa from the nearest New Zealand High Commission or Embassy.
  6. We assist you with arranging education travel insurance cover (though Uni-care).

For a step by step guide see here (link to detailed step by step guide with pictures & forms).

Fees & Expenses

Application fee : $250 (non-refundable)

Tuition fees are approximately $220 per week (including government charges). The school year is 40 weeks in duration.

You will need to plan for other school expenses, such as stationery, school camp charges etc. These amount to approximately $nn per year.

Accommodation and living expenses. These will vary depending on your situation but a guideline is between $170 and $220 per week.

There will also be insurance and visa costs.

Who do I contact if I need more information?

In the first instance please contact the principal by email at .

Code of Practice

Nelson Central School abides by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. You can view the International Code of Practice here.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Send to us a completed Application for Entry Form, International Student Profile form, the application fee of $250 and a passport photo. Our bank details for the application fee are:
  2. Account: Nelson Central School Board of Trustees
    Bank:Westpac Branch:Nelson
    Address:P.O. Box 643, Nelson
    Account number:03-0703-0481920-01
    Swift Code:WPAC NZ 2W
  3. Wait to hear from us. We'll contact you to let you know if your application has been accepted. If so we'll send an acceptance letter and an invoice for tuition, accommodation fees and living expenses.
  4. Once you have received our acceptance letter, write or email us that you accept the place offered. Then pay the fees from invoice in step 2 (using the bank details above) and send us the completed Tuition Agreement form.
  5. Once we have received these, we will send back a letter (or email) confirming your place, an Offer of Place form, confirmation of your accommodation and provide you with a receipt for fees you've paid.
  6. You then need to apply for a student visa from the nearest New Zealand High Commission or Embassy. For this you will need:
    • A completed Application for Student Visa form (with a passport photo).
    • A completed financial undertaking form (this may not be necessary if full tuition and accommodation fees have been paid).
    • The Student Visa application fee.
    • Your passport or Certificate of Identity.
    • Our Offer of Place form and the receipt for fees paid to Nelson Central School.
    • Guarantee of accommodation (confirmation of accommodation from us).
    • Two character references if under 17 years of age or a local police clearance if 17 or over.
  7. You must organise medical insurance before you leave your home country. We can help organise this with Uni-Care International who we hold a master policy with. They can provide additional cover for fee protection if required. More information about Uni-Care can be found on their website.

Forms you will need....

Application for Entry

Tuition Agreement

International Student Profile